How to evolve my ship?

There are 3 levels for you to evolve the ship. And to evolve, you need the following conditions: Evolve 1: You must upgrade to full 1 of the two Power or Bullet bars below the ship Evolve 2: You need to fully upgrade both the Power and Bullet bars Evolve 3: You need to have exp of that ship at Rank 4 Exp points are gained from upgrading, evolving, unlocking skins, and the amount of time a ship is being used. And of course, you need to have enough evolving stones!

What is Evolve stone fusion?

Evolve stone fusion is where you can get higher-level stones by combining lower-level stones with lucky materials such as ships, drone tickets, and legendary pieces. For example, you can fuse Stone 1 with lucky materials to create Stone 2, 3, or 4. *There is a chance you won’t get anything from fusion so don’t forget to add as many lucky items as possible to decrease the chance of failure.

Where can I find those stones?

During matches in every mode except World Boss, and Clan Boss, you can acquire stones when they are dropped. Besides, you can collect those stones from ads, Spin, and Chests.

Why do I lose my PVP point so often?

Your PvP point will be deducted in two cases; first, if you play and lose, and second, if you don't play in 2 days or more consecutively. How many points are taken away depends on what league you are in. The higher the league, the larger the amount it will be.

Why did I end first place in Survival mode but still lose?

As the name of this mode, victory goes to the last survivor in the game even though he/she doesn’t come in the first place.

How can I attack my opponent?

You have to acquire ships with galaxy/predator skins or use the Evil Wings to attack your opponent during PVP matches. There is more information about each galaxy skin under the “Upgrade” tab.

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