Pirate King

Tier 4
Pirate King - Super Spaceship of the Pirates. It was equipped with two large gun barrels, accompanied by a super giant laser barrel. The Pirate King is a spaceship known for its looting and became a terror to anyone who wandered around its flight path. With speed, power, and ferocious laser projectiles, it would be a bloodbath wherever the Pirate King was.


Pirate Pumpkin
+20% Damage
Pirate Champion
+40% Damage
Galaxy Pirate
+30% Damage PvP: Call two drones attack your opponent
Mystic Pirate
+30% Damage Shield explodes on expire, based on the amount of damage dealt while shield was active. Double damage on bosses. Adds extra shield time and destroys enemy bullets if Super Charged
Predator Pirate
+25% Damage PvP: Create shields to partially cover opponent's aliens, which burst into laser beams upon destruction or expiration. Evolve bounus: More aliens are shielded
Transformer Pirate
+50% Damage