Complete the quests of these features to receive rewards
Battle Pass
The Battle Pass includes 30 rewardable levels and a one-month season. To be able to receive the rewards of each level, the player must increase the Battle Pass level and play the game, completing the Daily quest, Achievements, Weekly quest and Galaxy mission are the ways that can help the player. Besides doing quests to level up, players can also use Crystals to unlock the next level rewards, depending on each level the number of Crystals required will increase. Battle Pass includes 2 parts: Free and Battle Pass Free: The player can get the reward in the Free column
Battle Pass: Players must purchase to be able to unlock this column, but the rewards will be more and there will be some premium items.
Galaxy Mission
Just like the Battle Pass, there are 2 parts: Free and Galaxy Pass. Players can play Free or buy Galaxy Pass to get more valuable gifts. Galaxy Mission includes 4 modes: Campaign, Endless, Boss, PvP. Each mode has 4 missions, after each mission is completed, the player must receive a gift to activate the next mission. Completing a total of 8 missions will receive 1 reward, completing all tasks of 4 modes will receive 2 more rewards for Free. For Galaxy Pass, you will get 2 rewards if you complete 8 missions and 4 more rewards if you complete 16 missions. The Galaxy Mission time will last for a week.
Daily Quest
Daily quest includes 5 missions, every day players can complete Daily quest to earn more Gold, each mission will correspond to 500 gold. Daily quest has 3 mission completion milestones, that is, completing 1 mission, 3 missions and 5 missions. With each milestone completing the corresponding mission, the player will receive some other resources of the game.
Achieveminets consists of 31 missions in total, each mission will have 6 milestones to complete corresponding to 6 stars. The reward after completing each milestone is Crystals, depending on the level, the amount of Crystals will increase. After completing 6 milestones of a mission, the player will not be able to do any more, but must complete another mission to earn more Crystals. Achievements are not time bound. The player can do the quest at any time.
Piggy Bank
To receive the gift of Piggy Bank, players need to fill its experience bar by playing the game, the more you play, the faster the process will be completed. Once it's full, the final step to get the gift is to smash the Piggy Bank. The higher the level, the more Piggy Bank's rewards will be.