Tier 6

This is the last spaceship which was created to end the war. Including two high-intensity laser muzzles and a main gun that fires multiple salvoes at once, plus the ability to create a defensive shield, Legendary had done its mission - to end the war. Not many people know that this ship has not been used to the fullest. And thatโ€™s still a secret


Aqua Legendary

+15% Damage

Phoenix Legendary

+30% Damage

Galaxy Legenadary

+20% Damage

Mystic Legendary

+20% Damage Changes laser into chain-lightning beams. Greatly improved by Evolve level 3

Predator Legendary

+18% Damage PvP: Drop power bounus on each attack. Unlock power limit. PvP attack block chance is increased with each power pick up. Give teamate electric shield.

Transformer Legendary

+40% Damage

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