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Pulse Blast

Tier 1
Pulse Blast is the basic type of spaceship of the Galaxy Alliance specializing in freight. It was created around 2345 when the alliance was under peaceful reign. Pulse Blast was used to carry rocks and minerals, hence a small barrel along with 4 mini rockets for freight purposes. After the Galaxy Alliance disbanded, most of these spaceships were used for reconnaissance and patrol. Pulse Blast has 2 small exhaust pipes and flies at medium speed. Although its main task is used to carry goods, it can also go into battle when necessary.


Pulse Blast Gain
+25% Damage
Pulse Blast Spectre
+50% Damage
Pulse Blast Firestorm
+100% Damage
Mystic Pulse Blast
+70% Damage Tigher bullet spread with high damage central bullets
Predator Pulse Blast
+60% Damage PvP: Launches EMP orbs that disrupt enemy's weapons Evolve bounus: Launches more orbs, breaks enemy's shields
Transformer Pulse Blast
+100% Damage