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Tier 5
This is a perfect version of Light Phantom. Terminator was designed for the most intense time of the war with a supergiant magma gun turret in the front, 2 heavy cannons on the sides, and 2 rocket emplacements. In the past, when Terminator was activated, it would extend a super-size gun barrel from the fuselage and destroy everything in the way. At the same time, this ship provides a large amount of shield in the front. Baldric once said: “Terminator is one of the monsters created to end this war.”


Winter Terminator
+15% Damage
+30% Damage
Galaxy Terminator
+20% Damage
Mystic Terminator
+20% Damage Has a chance to launch napalm missles, which create a burning zone upon impact, dealing damage over time
Predator Terminator
+18% Damage PvP: Send a drone to destroy opponent with a massive laser beam, heating up the area around it. Give teamates Super Power for 5 seconds. Evolve bounus: More repeated attacks, wider heat zone.
Transformer Terminator
+40% Damage
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