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Wisdom Glory

Tier 1
Wisdom Glory was created in 2358, shortly after Pulse Blast. It was often used by the patrolling forces of the Galaxy Alliance. After the changes of the W1 and W2 version, Wisdom Glory becomes more combative with 4 barrels and 2 infrared-homing missiles. With high speed, Wisdom Glory is flexible on the battlefield. The name of Wisdom Glory version W2 was popular when pilot Alger of the Alliance single-handedly destroyed a rebel stronghold.
Wisdom Glory Hell
+45% Damage
Wisdom Glory Evil
+90% Damage
Galaxy Wisdom Glory
+65% Damage PVP Only: Activate some explosions to your opponent wave
Mystic Wisdom Glory
+65% Damage Fires bullets in sine waves
Predator Wisdom Glory
+60% Damage - PVP: Fires multiple waves of bullets on opponents - Evolve bounus: Increases number of waves
Transformer Wisdom Glory
+100% Damage