- Brings many features to player's Ships including 1% increase in damage to all ships
- Each time Evolve ship the player will receive 500 Exp points, full 3 level evolve will get 1500. 3 levels EVOLVE include:

Evolve 1:

The player needs to upgrade the ship's full power level or bullets level

Evolve 2:

The player needs to upgrade to full 2 bars power level and bullets level

Evolve 3:

The player needs Exp points of the ship at Rank 4 Exp points will be gained from upgrading, evolving, unlocking skins, and time spent using ships. In addition, to perform Evolve, it is necessary to have enough Stone according to the requirements of each ship with the corresponding Stone types.
- Total damage taken for ships when performing Evolve will be 39% because each Ship has a maximum of 3 Evolve levels --> 3 levels x 13 ships = 39% damage