What benefits can I get from joining a clan?

Clan, first and foremost, gives you a sense of community in which you connect with other players from all over the world. Joining clan offers you a chance to earn clan points and gold to buy exclusive items that can only be found in clan market such as cards, skins, and wings.

Why can’t I leave my clan?

If you set a clan password for your account, you have to enter the password to be able to leave the clan. If you forgot it, please contact us via our email, we will reset it for you.

Will I lose my clan points and gold when I leave my clan?

You will lose your clan points but clan gold stays with your account.

Why don’t I get clan points for the drone tickets I collected?

The maximum clan points you can get from collecting drone tickets is 4400 per 7 days. 4400 clan points are equivalent to 22 drone tickets. Once you reach that point, you are maxed out and have to wait until it resets.

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