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Hurricane Hawk

Tier 1
Hurricane Hawk was created in 2361. It has powerful firepower with 6 barrels, suitable for single combat or reconnaissance. With a special design inspired by the falcon, Hurricane Hawk is able to fly undetected by radar. Hurricane Hawk earned its famed when Captain Kidd used it in the assassination of the Galaxy Alliance’s former admiral Devlin.


Blizzard Hawk
+40% Damage
Carnival Hawl
+80% Damage
Galaxy Hawk
+60% Damage - PvP Only: Fire rocket rain to your opponent
Mystic Hawk
+60% Damage Wing-mounted turrets can auto aim at targets within a cone of 30 degrees, prioritizing middle ones
Predator Hawk
+50% Damage - PvP: Send 1 drone to enemy space, firing instantaneous explosive bullets. Evolve bounus: Send 2 drones with slightly lower rate of fire.
Transformer Hawk
+90% Damage