Phantom Assasin

Tier 4

Phantom Assassin has been around since 2369. As the most mysterious ship of the rebels, it is equipped with a heavy submachine gun and two chasing bullets. Moreover, they were rumored to have the ability to freeze enemies. No one knows how Phantom Assassin works, because those who knew it all perished under the attack of this spaceship.


Golden Assassin

+25% Damage

Frozen Assassin

+50% Damage Increase the frozen time on Aliens by 100%

Galaxy Assassin

+35% Damage PvP Only: Activate Frozen Effect for some enemies on your opponent wave.

Mystic Assassin

+35% Damage Horning missiles have a chance to duplicate on impact

Predator Assassin

+30% Damage PvP: Launch snowballs on opponents, which explode intro freezing clouds. Evolve bounus: Increases number of snowballs.

Transformer Assassin

+60% Damage

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