Light Phantom

Tier 2
The Light Phantom is a high-tech devastation machine constructed by the rebels in 2364. Instead of cannons and missiles, the Light Phantom carries a laser cannon, which causes all of its enemies to melt in its path. Boss Francis Drake said: "Light Phantom is an invincible cannon, its power is unstoppable". Accompanied by terrifying attack power, this spaceship is also known for having a good defense because it has fought against the pirates without being repaired for 3 months.


Wild Phantom
+35% Damage
Dazzling Phantom
+70% Damage
Galaxy Phantom
+55% Damage PvP: Attack your opponent by poison wave
Mystic Phantom
+55% Damage Bullets can bounce between enemies multiple times
Predator Phantom
+48% Damage - PvP: Summons a storm of twisting warheads, then detonates them randomly. Evolve bounus: More warheads.
Transformer Phantom
+80% Damage