Tier 6

If there is a spaceship born with the purpose of attack, it is the Tyrant - the ship with tremendous destructive power in the early 3000s. With the shape of a super robot, Tyrant has the ability to transform and move very quickly in space. Tyrant's bullets are also very special, with 2 sub-barrels and a giant main gun in front, Tyrant creates bullets with a dense and extremely sharp level, helping it to sweep all enemies within range. contemplate. The main engineer who built this ship Nana shared that, because she wanted it to become one of the most powerful attack ships in the history of the galaxy, she designed it to be able to summon lightning bolts - this Increases Tyrant's destructive power.


Jupiter Tyrant

+15% Damage

Uranus Tyrant

+30% Damage

Galaxy Tyrant

+20% Damage PvP: Activate some exploisions to your opponent and call two drones attack your opponent

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