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Thunder Blade

Tier 2
Thunder Blade is a new spaceship produced in 2362. Though equipped with a fixed muzzle in the front only, it possesses two automatic barrels, along with the smart self-targeting ammunition. Moreover, with the support of two medium missiles, this ship is very agile, difficult to be detected, and could cause high damage. This is a truly dangerous ship on the battlefield.


Thunder Blade Celadon
+45% Damage
Thunder Blade Cerulean
+90% Damage
Galaxy Thunder Blade
+70% Damage PvP: Send a dangerous gift to your opponent
Mystic Thunder Blade
+70% Damage Launches bombs, dealing damage in an area, affects multiple targets
Predator Thunder Blade
+58% Damage PvP: Launches high velocity spears with random directions. Evolve bounus: Launches more spears, pierces enemy's shields.
Transformer Thunder Blade
+100% Damage