All players will have to go through this mode when starting the game.


The campaign includes 180 stages, each stage will have 3 levels: Medium, Hard, and Crazy. Players will have to pass all the stages with increasing difficulty to receive stars used for opening ship skins, upgrading Talents, or receiving other worthy rewards (crystal, gold, boosters, etc). With each increasing level, players will experience different emotions when they have to confront and avoid the "rain" of bullets and the unpredictable attacks of the enemies. Graphics and sound effects with a galaxy theme take players flying into an infinite and endless outer space. In addition to the main stages, the Campaign also has small missions for players to receive more attractive rewards (unlock Drones). Like PvP mode, Campaign allows the players to choose the ship they want to start with. Therefore, players will be able to choose as much as they want and experience the power of all ships. Players can also use Booster, a mysterious but powerful item, to win in the Campaign mode.


Endless mode concludes 22 stages in total and each will have different gifts Similar to Campaign mode, players will have to pass all the stages. But unlike the Campaign with only 10 stages, Endless does not stop at 10 but it will increase gradually and up to the maximum number which is 200 stages. After completing stage 22, players cannot replay previous levels. Since this mode will take a lot of time, players can choose to "exit" at any time and the progress will be saved at the time they have just exited so that they don’t have to go back to the beginning or play more than the same 100 stages in one go. In Endless mode, as same as Campaign, players are allowed to choose the necessary and appropriate ships and boosters to start the game. Moreover, players love this mode because the drop rate of Quest items during the duration of the Drone Force shield will be doubled. Most players choose Endless because it will save a lot of time.


This mode includes 2 types of bosses which are Big Bosses and Mini-Boss Both require players to kill the Boss to receive the corresponding reward. Besides, they will also have different ways of gameplay and receiving gifts. At the same time, they will all require the players to start with the Pulse Blast ship. They cannot choose a ship or any booster like Campaign or Endless. There are a total of 45 Big Bosses up to now. Players will find Big Boss by passing the stages of the Campaign first, then Big Boss will be unlocked. Each Boss will have 3 levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Challenging and winning the Big Bosses, players can collect more crystals. Crystals drop percentage will depend on the match. Each stage will limit the number of times players can collect crystals. Therefore, the number of plays in this mode will not be limited, players can play until they reach the limit of crystals. For Mini Boss, there are a total of 20 stages with increasing difficulty. Each stage that the player passes will correspond to 1 star and other rewards. Unlike Big Boss, this mode does not have 3 levels of difficulty but it divides waves like with Campaign. With each wave, players will have to face many different Mini-Bosses. Big Boss only has one wave and 1 Boss.


Hero is divided into 5 planets, each planet will have 10 stages and it includes main gifts of stars and other small gifts to upgrade the account. To experience Hero mode, players will have to pay attention to the requirements of the mode. For example, Planet Terra, which is the first planet, requires players to reach at least level 20 and own 40 stars to be able to start their journey on this planet. The higher you go, the higher the stage and star requirements will increase. In this mode, players are required to pass all stages, each stage has 10 waves. The system will give players a time limit of 30 seconds per wave to pass. However, this mode allows players to respawn 3 times, and with each respawn, they can choose the ship they want to use to continue the game. Each ship will require a certain amount of energy. The stronger the ship, the more energy it takes. In addition, this mode also allows players to use Booster, but there are not too many options like Campaign or Endless, which are 2 boosters: Power and Super.