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Why is my account banned? Why can't I play PVP? Why does the screen show "Players not found"?

We expect every player to play fairly, honestly, and respectfully. Some behavior that will result in a ban include but are not limited to: • Hacking or modifying the game. • Using unauthorized third-party software to modify or interfere with the game. • Hateful, defamatory, abusive, or otherwise offensive language. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards users violating the rules. You can be banned from several features or the whole game as a result of your actions.

Can I log in and play only 1 account on multiple devices?

I just got a new phone and how do I get my progress back?

I want to move my account data to a better device, please help.

If I get a new phone, how can I transfer my data to it?

About this problem, each device will only be able to log in on a certain account. If you want to transfer data from an old device to a new one (in case your phone breaks, etc). Please copy your old device ID > log in to your account in the new one, copy the new device ID > send them to us. And don't forget to take a screenshot of your game profile. We would like to help. Email address:

I seem to lose my data. How can I get it back?

I reinstalled the app and don't see my progress.

I have logged out and logged in again but the data is not correct. Any helps?

Looks like you haven't successfully logged in. Step 1: You can try to log in again and again with exactly the account you have linked with Facebook/Google before. Step 2: Then keep playing for a few hours to get the SAVE button. If the login was successful but the problem is only the SAVE button, you can contact us so we can open it for you faster. (to do it you need to send us a screenshot of your game profile). Your progress will be there. If your account was previously logged in with GameCenter. After reinstalling the app, you can play up to level 20. Then go to Menu > Gift Code > Enter “Gamecenter” to show the login button. After successfully logging in, follow the same steps above.

I have accounts linked to Facebook and Google Play/Game Center. How can I merge those two?

Unfortunately you can’t. Those are two separate accounts and data from one account can’t be transferred to another.

How do I save my game?

Why is my SAVE button not showing?

We’re thrilled to have you here and want you to have the best experience while playing the game so the first and most important step we need you to take is to Save your game progress! Losing your game progress is a real pain in the neck for you obviously and for us as well. Here are 3 Dos and 3 Don’ts we want you to remember. • Login with Facebook or Google Play/Game Center to sync your game progress to your account because your data is not automatically saved to your device • Hit the “Save” button occasionally just in case • Read every in-game popup notification carefully before taking action on it • Don’t log in to one account on multiple devices at the same time since it can cause data conflict • Don’t switch back and forth among multiple accounts on one device because data conflict and loss can occur • Don’t log out and play; your progress won’t be saved

When you just reinstall the game, the SAVE button won't immediately show up. Then you need:

  • Keep playing for at least for few hours to get it shows

  • If it still doesn't work, please copy your device ID (Menu > About Us > Tap and Copy all) then send them to us via our email to unlock the Save button. Email Address:

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