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Game Currency

How to collect

Campaign/ Endless/ Mini Boss/ Hero
Get Gold after finishing the match. The higher level the higher gold you will get
Daily challenges
Golden Dragon
Winning streak
Season reward (Bronze)
Vip Daily reward
Gifts after leveling up VIP
Daily quest
Each quest earns 500 Gold. Completing 1st quest of the day get 2000 gold
Packs with Gold
Galaxy Shop
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Pack
Galaxy Mission
Complete the quest to get the corresponding amount of Gold
New Battle
Battle Pass+ Free
Time Reward
The longer you play, the more Gold you will receive
Daily free ad
Watched 5 times a day. Get 3000 Gold each time
Use Crystals to purchase Gold
Spin/Special Spin
Spin and have a chance to receive if you hit the Gold box
Blue/Epic chest
Weekly quest
Collect Quest items according to the required quantity to get Gold
World Boss
Deal damage to the Boss, the amount of damage is proportional to the reward milestones