1 Main Talent (Power Up) + 12 Extra Talent
Power Up
Start with Spaceship Power 2
Stone Drop
Increase Infinity Stone drop chance by 2%
Super Time
Increase Super Time by 0.6 seconds
Shield Time
Increase Shield Duration by 0.6 seconds
Bomb Damage
Increase Bomb Damage by 2%
Spaceship Damage
Increase Spaceship's damage by 1.6%
Alien's Move Speed
Slow down charge speed of Aliens by 2%
Alien's Bullet Speed
Slow down bullet speed of Aliens by 2%
Quest Item Drop
Increase Quest Item drop chance by 5%
Lucky Ship
Increase drop rate of Strongest Spaceship by 1.6%
Drone Lifetime
Increase Drone Lifetime by 0.6 seconds
Drone Damage
Increase Drone damage by 1.6%
Evolve Time
Decrease waiting time for evolve by 0.3 seconds