Sound Breaker

Tier 3
Sound Breaker is a next-generation ship that is outfitted with a laser cannon and two huge gun barrels. The most impressive feature of the ship is its defense. It has substantial shield layers inherited from the Light Phantom and is frequently utilized as a fortress to control and maintain vital places. Furthermore, it is capable of long-term battlefield fighting with exceptional mobility.


Light Breaker
+30% Damage
Magic Breaker
+60% Damage
Galaxy Breaker
+45 Damage PvP: Recall Thunder Totem, stretch electrical cords, and block opponent's bullets
Mystic Breaker
+45% Damage Launch shurikens dealing damage over time
Predator Breaker
+38% Damage - PvP: Infects aliens causing them to burst into thorns upon death. - Evolve bounus: More aliens can be infected
Transformer Breaker
+70% Damage